All sessions at T.H.A. are by appointment only.  We offer a stress reduction/maintenance session, which is a minimum of one hour in duration, for $85.00.  This is a full body massage designed to release tension and maintain balance in the body.  This session is not designed to deal with specific injuries or chronic conditions.  We have several Therapists who offer the above described sessions.

In cases of specific injuries or chronic pain conditions, you will be referred to the Therapist most qualified to treat your particular presentation, unless you have already been referred to a specific Therapist.  Fees will vary between Therapists, and is in direct relationship to the education and experience level of the individual Therapist.  

Dr. Marc A. Dudney

Mady A. Dudney


You may reach us to schedule a session at:       (813)922-THA1(8421)


Our clinic hours are Monday through Friday, the first appointment beginning at 9 a.m., and the last appointment beginning at 6 p.m.  All sessions are by appointment only, we do not offer walk in availability at this time.  It is recommended that you schedule well in advance if you have restricted availability. 





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