Researchers have found that people who get at least eight hours of sleep tend to experience fewer colds and cases of flu.  Get some shut eye!

Timeless Healing Arts offers a wide range of treatment services. Neuromuscular therapy(sometimescalled trigger point therapy), and myofascial release are two of the deep tissue techniques we utilize.  During these treatments, deep pressure is utilized in strategic locations to return circulation to the muscles, induce muscle fiber release, produce muscle lengthening and relaxation, realign scar tissue, flushing of toxins, etc.

We also utilize sports massage and sports injury assessment techniques in the prevention and rehabilitation of sports related injuries.  Using massage techniques, range of motion movements, and stretching techniques, injury rehabilitation is accelerated and enhanced. 

Also employed are hydrotherapy techniques, strengthening programs, and flexibility training in our treatment protocols.  Please contact us directly if you have further questions about our services by linking to the Officespage.



When the same pain symptoms continue or recur, you are most likely experiencing chronic pain.  Low back pain, headaches, jaw pain, wrist pain, pain down the back, front, or outer thigh and lower leg (sometimes referred to as sciatica), and continuous joint pain, are some of the types of chronic pain our treatments will help to relieve. 

Many forms of chronic pain are caused by repetitive strain, or everyday activities that are repeated day in and day out.  Massage therapy and flexibility training are extremely effective in such cases.  We also work with you to help you avoid some of these daily  pitfalls. 


Whether recovering from a trauma induced injury, repetitive strain injury, or surgical procedure, proper rehabilitation of the surrounding structures is vital.  Many future problems can be avoided by the proper use of rehabilitation techniques, such problems include re-injury and/or compensation caused injuries. 

For example, when one muscle or even a muscle group becomes weakened by injury or muscular imbalance, other muscles or groups can attempt to compensate by taking over.  When this occurs, the compensating structures can be injured due to overloading.  We will work with you to return the balance of strength, flexibility, and aerobic conditioning. 


We carry a wide range of health related products, and all products have been, or are being used by our therapists, and are endorsed by the clinic.  Profiting by the sale of products is not a priority at T.H.A., rather making quality products conveniently available to our patients.  Our philosophy is, "If we haven't used it and found it an extremely beneficial, quality product, we won't carry it!"  




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